Our tools, tunnels, and coops are "Mindfully Made." We thoughtfully consider the wellbeing of the environment, our customers, and their customers when designing our products.

Our tools are lightweight, ergonomic, all-steel, American made, and are multi-functional. Packed in plastic free packaging, tools are shipped FREE nationwide.

Get "Finesse" Today

At only 10 lbs, the Finesse is one of the lightest broadfork on the market. With its all-steel construction, it will last a lifetime and stand up to the toughest of soils. Unlike other broadforks that require repositioning our hands multiple times, the Finesse can be positioned, driven into the soil, pulled back and repositioned without ever taking your hands off the handle. 

Additionally, the Finesse was designed with multiple functions. The teeth are spaced at exactly 6” apart, allowing you to mark your raised bed for consistent and precise seeding or transplanting by dragging the Finesse backward across the bed's surface.