Thoughtful design is the key to sustainability

mindfully made, locally sourced, and thoughtfully considered

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We want to see gardeners, homesteaders, and farmers equipped and educated for the modern challenges of growing food sustainably.

Mindful Farmer

is a family-owned greenhouse manufacturing and farm supply company in Central Arkansas. We are on a mission to equip gardeners, homesteaders, and farmers with the tools, infrastructure, and skills they need to best steward their space. Our tools, tunnels, and coops are specifically designed for small scale growers and are sourced and manufactured locally. It is our hope that more people will labor to improve their communities, land, homes, and health through sustainable agricultural practices and to care for creation with thoughtful consideration. Our passion is to equip them with the right tools for that work.

Thoughtful design is the key to sustainability

Good farm infrastructure and tools should be:


We design our products with multiple uses in mind. Flexible infrastructure and tools allow growers to easily adapt to changing conditions, markets, and uses with minimal investment of time and money. Our high tunnels, tools, and mobile coops afford you the flexibility to make changes to your production system and reduce your capital investment.


Our high tunnels, and coops are made in all galvanized steel and UV-treated plastics. All parts are made to last the elements and are 100% recyclable. Steel should last a lifetime. We recommend tunnel plastic be recycled and replaced every 4 to 5 years as light transmission is reduced over time. If properly cared for plastic may last longer. Parts for repairs or modifications can easily be found at your local hardware store. All tools are made of US steel and fabricated in Arkansas.


Our tunnels, tools, and coops are competitively priced when compared to many kits on the market that still require assembly. We desire to see more people scaling, or even professionalizing, their gardening endeavors. In our experience, tools and infrastructure appropriately scaled for small and mid-sized growing are lacking in the US; we are working to bring about change in that area.

Replaces a tiller for healthier soil

Broadfork – The Finesse

Humans are earth movers. For millennia we have moved waters and soil to change the environment around us to create more advantageous conditions for life.

A broadfork is a simple tool that has existed for decades. It lifts and loosens the soil, improving aeration, infiltration, and soil structure.  Our redesign is a modern take on this traditional tool and is lighter, more ergonomic, and multipurpose.

What makes our broad fork different: lightweight, ergonomic, all American steel, entirely American made, and has multiple uses (subsoiling, harrowing, raking, and bed marking). 

Get The Finesse and start building healthier soil for bigger yields today

Custom Greenhouses & High Tunnels

Built to last and are uniquely designed for small scale producers.

High tunnels and greenhouses can dramatically increase production quantity and quality. Growing in the protection of a tunnel also allows year round production and keeps plants safe from weather extremes. Our high tunnels meet NRCS requirements for the EQIP Cost Share Program.

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Consulting & Speaking

I am passionate about building agricultural systems that work for everyone and in concert with natural ecological systems. I also want to see families get the most out of their land and build profitable and sustianble businesses if that's their goal.

For over a decade I have worked in sustainable agricutlure and ecology: managing farms, providing techincal assistance, and running several ag. businesses.

Consulting is custom to your needs and can look like developing a farm layout, designing key infrastructure, building a production plan, developing a business plan, or all of the above.

I also love teaching in a group or public setting and am available to speak at events, workshops, and conferences.

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We are committed to manufacturing and shipping tools, tunnels, and coops from recycled and recyclable materials. 

Sean Pessarra, The Mindful Farmer