The solution is a system, not just a product.

Mindful Farm began as a small, family-owned beekeeping operation in Texas. We started off with a few hives on rooftops in Houston and expanded our apiary by relocating bees from unwanted urban structures and rehoming them to area farms and wild spaces. During our time in Houston we enjoyed supplying honey and other hive products to area chefs and markets with a vision of inspiring thoughtfulness and consideration of where food comes from and how it is supplied. 


Fast forward a few years (and a few babies) and we had the opportunity to step in to sustainable agriculture full time in Central Arkansas. With Sean's background in ecology and experience on the farm and Melanie's background in nutrition we clearly see the impact conventional farming practices have had on our soil, our food, human health and ultimately the health of our world. Our vision has grown beyond bees and honey products into so much more. 


In the fields we strive to steward the land in such a way that soil is replenished, not depleted, ecosystems are built, not destroyed, and once declining wildlife populations flourish. This regenerative way of stewarding the land we are caretakers of leads to healthier plants and top-quality, tasty vegetables and honey that are deeply nourishing.  


In the kitchen we use traditional and evidence-based methods to create products that bring joy and health. Our recipes are developed with Melanie's knowledge of human nutrition and passion for food that just plain tastes good. When we can't source the ingredients directly from what our hands have grown, we strive to source from other local Arkansas producers with the same passion for sustainability. 


Instagram is our favorite place to connect! You can follow Sean for all things agriculture @mindfulfarmerarkansas and Melanie for evidence based nutrition, wellness tips, and Mindful Kitchen products @mindfulkitchenarkansas.


We are honored that you are here and hope you find health and inspiration as you follow along on our family journey

Our tools are Mindfully Made (consideration to the environment, our customers, and their customers).