Get the nutrients your garden needs with our NEW soil amendment bundle

Get the nutrients your garden needs with our NEW soil amendment bundle
We all know that garden success starts with the soil. That's why we've curated the ultimate Homestead Bundle—a special combo of our finest soil amendments designed to nourish your garden from the ground up.

What's in the Bundle

The Homestead Bundle combines our three powerful soil amendments:

  • Worm Castings (10lb): Packed with nutrients and microorganisms, these castings are the superfood your soil has been craving.
  • AZOMITE (10lb): This natural mineral amendment is a source of calcium and trace elements, fortifying your plants against common deficiencies.
  • Feather Meal (10lb): A high-nitrogen organic fertilizer that encourages robust growth and green, leafy vegetables.

Bundle Benefits

Together, these amendments create a dynamic soil ecosystem that supports healthy root development, increases water retention, and enhances the resilience of your plants against pests and diseases. Perfect for your 1000 sq/ft garden, this bundle ensures every square inch is optimized for growth.


How to use your Bundle

Mix these amendments into your garden beds at the start of the season to prep your soil, or use them as a top dressing to give your plants a mid-season boost. The combined action of these amendments ensures a steady release of nutrients that will set your garden up for success!

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