How our Broadfork Tools Impact Soil Health

How our Broadfork Tools Impact Soil Health

Fall is here, and there's no better time to start preparing your garden for the season ahead. But before you get down to planting, there's one crucial step you need to consider: soil aeration. That's why we're introducing you to our two groundbreaking broadforks!

Why Aerate Soil?

Healthy soil is the foundation of any thriving garden. Aeration is key to reversing soil compaction, increasing water infiltration, reducing runoff, and much more. With our Broadfork tools, you can achieve all of this with minimal inversion of natural soil layers.


Meet the Finesse Broadfork

Finesse Broadfork tool

The Finesse Broadfork is designed for daily garden tasks and perfect for existing beds or breaking new ground free of roots and rocks.

Unique Features:

- Weighs around 10lbs
- Teeth spacing is 6" apart: allows for marking your beds consistently
- Hand position stays in one comfortable position to allow the hips to leverage weight


Meet the Brute Broadfork

Brute Broadfork Tool

The Brute is your best ally for demanding garden work. For those of you dealing with more challenging terrains, this broadfork is for you. Despite being heavy-duty, it's still one of the lightest of its kind. 

Unique Features:

- Designed by Mindful Farmer to save you’re back & knees
- Designed for combating rocky and heavy clay soils
- Designed to go deeper than a traditional broadfork
- Teeth are spaced 8" apart


How to apply the Broadforks

Both the Finesse and the Brute are not just for soil aeration; they can be used for subsoiling, harrowing, raking, and even root crop harvesting. With these tools, you can handle a multitude of garden tasks efficiently.

Set of Finesse Broadforks in Garden

Broadfork Tip:
Dragging the Broadfork behind you can level soil and allow for evenly spaced lines to start your seed rows!


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