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Broadfork – The Finesse (Free Shipping)

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Locally made in small batches. 4 week lead time to shipment and FREE SHIPPING nationwide 


The broadfork works by lifting and loosening soil with minimal inversion of natural soil layers. The result is the reversing soil compaction, increased water infiltration, decreased runoff, incorporation of organic matter, reduced weed pressure, and ease of transplanting or seeding. 

What makes our broad fork different: lightweight, ergonomic, all-steal, American steel, American made, and has multiple uses (subsoiling, harrowing, raking, root crop harvesting, and bed marking). 

At only 10 lbs, the Finesse is one of the lightest broadfork on the market. With its all-steel construction, it will last a lifetime and stand up to the toughest of soils. Unlike other broadforks that require repositioning your hands multiple times and a great deal of shoulder strength, your hands stay in one comfortable position and the leverage for the Finesse is generated by your hips.  

Additionally, the Finesse was designed with multiple functions. The teeth are spaced at exactly 6” apart, allowing you to mark your raised bed for consistent and precise seeding or transplanting by dragging the Finesse backward across surface of the bed. 


10 lbs

48” tall (including the 9” teeth)

24” wide

5 teeth (6" apart)

Powder coated