Mobile Coop - The Ranger 24


Mindful Farmer Mobile Coops are a tool for backyard hobbyists, homesteaders, and small farms. Designed with regenerative livestock practices in mind, this semi-automated coop promotes access to fresh grass, while improving soil and grass health. Additional benefits include clean eggs, reduced feed costs, and reduced chore time. 

Animals and people will always impact their surrounding ecosystems. The aim of this coop system is to create positive impact on the land, while still being just as productive for the farmer. 

The Ranger 24 is constructed much the same way as our hoop houses. Using 1 3/8 inch galvanized steel tubing and 11 mill woven plastic allows the tunnels to be both lighter and significantly stronger than typical wooden coops. 

The combination of woven plastic and shade cloth allows the coops to be run like a warm greenhouse in the winter and a cool shade house in the summer. 

An automatic door opens and closes with the sun to release hens on to fresh grass in the morning and secure hens each evening. 

An external rollaway nest box ensures that no hens sleep in the nest box—meaning clean & unbroken eggs. Additionally, a slatted poultry floor inside the coop allows droppings to fall through, requiring little to no maintenance or poop management. 

Woven plastic is predator resistant and extremely strong, however we do recommend electrified poultry netting always be used to protect hens. We recommend that birds are moved to fresh grass frequently before bare soil is exposed. 

The goal is happy healthy birds that are improving the soil and landscape.

How the system works in our backyard:

We rotate 12 hens weekly around the yard in a 15’ x 15’ electric poultry net. Eggs are collected three times a week and the coop is moved once a week. 

Chores are minimal, no poop is scooped, and eggs are clean and abundant.